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Belmont School has 230 students registered in our two Programs - Community and Logos Christian.  We program for students K-6 with a morning  Kindergarten Logos Christian class and afternoon Community Kindergarten class.  We will continue to focus extensive time and resources toward improved student achievement in literacy, numeracy and building a restorative culture.


Principal's Message

We welcome individual differences by celebrating who we are.

We challenge our limits to foster learning in a safe and respectful community.

We model endurance through perseverance and care for one another,

Where everyone matters and feels part of our community.

We are Bulldogs...

We are Belmont.

Here we value individual difference, because it’s the differences that add value to our community. We each complement the strengths and challenges of everyone else, and together we can make miracles happen.

To this end we have multiple programs to ensure everyone has a learning environment that suites them best.  In addition to our “regular” community classes we offer a Christian Faith Based education with our Logos program as well as our Community Learning Skills (CLS) program for those in need of specialized  supports. 

Different abilities.  Different faiths.  Different needs.  All one pack. 

That’s what makes Belmont so special.

We value community, and are so proud to work with our neighborhood  partners such as the C5 Northeast Hub, E4C, the Somali Canadian Women and Children’s Association, Coles in Londonderry Mall, Belmont Sobeys and Belmont Red Swan.

With summer holidays upon us, our office will be closed until August 24, however you can still register your child by using our online registration form.  Also feel free to call us at 780-476-9590 or email us: bellmont@epsb.ca , as we will check the messages periodically throughout the summer.  If there is anything you need – please let us know, because, as always…

We are all One Pack.

Shane Grundy


Belmont School