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School Philosophy


At Belmont School we believe the skills, knowledge and attitudes of each student should be developed to the fullest extent possible; that this development will be directly related to the following:

1.  The opportunity for each child to:

  •    develop competency in the basic core subjects through active participation
  •    develop confident, positive social attitudes and values
  •    experience success each day through co-operative interaction with peers, staff  and other adults
  •    receive meaningful out-of-school experiences
  •    engage students in their learning by incorporating technology
  •    participate in extra-curricular programs
  •    learn responsibilities by making choices and evaluating the consequences
  •    live and learn in a secure, clean and caring environment

2.   The instruction provided by the classroom teacher

3.   The participation of parents and staff in educational decisions that affect students

4.   The opportunity for meaningful involvement and participation by parents in school activites

5.   The establishment of clear goals towards which school staff and community members work together


Belmont School celebrates diversity, provides meaningful experiences and promotes life-long learning.

 Relationships and achievements are encouraged and nurtured in our community.